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Linda Cook BS, CPT, CMES

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist
ACE Certified Health Coach
ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor
Certified American Heart Association First Aid, CPR, AED
Juice Plus+ Representative

As a personal trainer and gold-certified medical exercise specialist, I have a growing passion; one might call it an obsession. I see clients every day who have been sitting or standing within a "cube." Long before they leave work, their heads, backs, legs, feet, necks, shoulders, (and just about any other body part possible), are crying for relief. It can happen, even to those who know better, on days too involved with a specific job for far too many hours.

My plan is to help these individuals control their daily health: to keep them as pain-free as possible, and with that regain pleasure in living.

In a previous life, I was also one of those desk-bound individuals. My job involved raising three girls (and a husband and mother-in law), as well as supporting a few hundred clients. I would get everyone else ready to start their day, and then go onsite to my central office to support my clients. My job included setting-up, installing, training, and then trouble-shooting many different systems and businesses. By the end of the day my shoulders, back, and even my eyes were exhausted!

Then I was young …I went home, made dinner, got everyone to bed, and the next day started all over again. As my daughters and my career grew, so did my hours. Later I changed some of my priorities, but kept up the computer support work. I began teaching group fitness classes at local YMCAs, and “grew into” my true love! I was just not sure it would be enough! My oldest child was my encouragement: she said, “Mom, if you can make it into a science, (and I know you will), you will never be bored!” (She meant that I needed to take the evolving science of fitness and adapt it for each individual I worked with)

In 1996, I started pursuing my plan …managing daily functions of Fitness Priority (a small gym), starting to lead both individuals and groups to better health. My next position was as a professional trainer/assistant manager of a newly established Gold's Gym: a much larger facility with over three thousand members. During all of this time, my primary goal was to empower the individual to achieve their goals. My early clients included wild diversity (and a multitude of learning opportunities): two young ladies working toward the Miss America crown; a newly pregnant mom with a toddler who wanted to avoid delivery problems with her second child; "Baby Boomers" trying to maintain their strength and flexibility; and a post-polio client fighting to keep her strength and independence.

In 2000, we moved to Ohio, and I began work with the larger operation of Bally's, training both individuals and, as lead trainer, other trainers. My next move was to the Springboro Club Champions franchise as the lead female trainer. At this time I was recognized as one of fifty-five fitness elite international trainers, and was chosen to co-author The Power of Champions, a book coordinated by Phil Kaplan, (one of our fitness gurus).

After many hours weighing the pros and cons of starting my own place, in 2003 I opened a studio that was designed from its inception for the individual. Each person would start with basics, and then take on their own path toward whatever their individual goals demanded. In 2006 we had far exceeded expected growth, and moved to our current Eleanor Drive location. In 2011, I joined forces with BaerFit, and we continue to offer a special place and even better team to guide the Miami Valley toward their best!

My wonderful clients, a part of the heart of this place, include those with special health needs (as well as some who just want to become healthier). These individuals include those with chronic conditions such as Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, Rheumatoid and Osteo-arthritis, fibromyalgia, and some with replacement joints. Everyone deserves the power and training to function at their best!

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