The Intelligent Approach to Fitness

What People are Saying

"I must say that I have been very impressed with how every trainer with Baer Fit is willing to go above and beyond in order to help people gain a greater, more complete understanding of what it means to be healthier in body, mind and spirit. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the information relayed in the group classes and news letters and feel that this information has helped me achieve more balance in my life in regards to fitness and nutrition. I cannot tell you how many times I would leave one of the group classes and find myself excitedly relaying the information to family and friends that I had heard in class. Furthermore, as a direct result of the humorous stories shared in class and Charles' impeccable dance moves (ha-ha), I always left with a smile on my face; feeling happier than when I first arrived."

Lauren Craig
Dayton, Ohio

Shout out to Charles Baerman and Kimberley G Baerman for inspiring so many people to be the best they can be mind, body and soul. Thx for promoting health and fitness and transforming bodies. You 2 are awesome!!

Lisa Grimm
Dayton, Ohio

Charles is great! I've been working out at Baer Fit since fall 2011 after my knee surgery to strengthen it and keep it strong. I highly recommend you following my surgery!

Vicki Wallace
Springboro, Ohio

BBB Eclipse Integrity Awards

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Baer Fit to receive the BBB Eclipse Integrity Award. I have been a client of Baer Fit for two years both in group classes and private training. I first became aware of this organization through my husband whose company contracted with Baer Fit for wellness services. I have been a member of several area gyms including YMCA, South Regency Fitness and Tennis, Club Champions, and the Racquet Club, but Baer Fit is different than all of these organizations. Baer Fit is truly a holistic program promoting community wellness through individual encouragement. They treat each client’s goal as one of the organizations to support.

One example of this was last fall. I was sponsoring an American Heart Association Heart Walk team and a Baer Fit trainer asked how they could help. They actually worked with every member of the class I participated in to "move the class on Saturday" to support the Heart Walk. For the Heart Walk Saturday all classmates came together to walk and support my goal. I thought this was a one-time thing but I have grown to see Baer Fit as a company that provides organizational support for a client’s causes, training for 5Ks, supporting individual health goals, and running marathons.

Charles keeps everyone up to date through a newsletter and encourages all on their individual goals regularly. BaerFit is about truly community wellness through individual encouragement.Whether training in the center in Springboro or at another location, each trainer knows you as a client and seems to know a little about your ongoing goals. All trainers are asking often about your personal well-being, family, nutrition, athletic workoutand community. I attend a class on Saturday which was created to specifically to support those who wanted a small group setting to train. The BaerFit Chicks train regularly as a group bootcamp and visibly support each other’s goals outside of class (they even support my goals even though I have never attended one of their bootcamps).

As a business woman myself, I have noticed how well run BaerFit is. The trainers and staff appear to be loyal and "well taken care of" employees. There are regular management meetings and additional training available to the staff. It shows in all they do. The service provided is outstanding and consistent between trainers. They operate as a team; not as independent trainers which happens in a lot of gyms. The trainers are extremely supportive of the clientele. Ryan, my trainer, works around my schedule to be available to train and support my health goals. He monitors my exercise, fitness, nutrition, and personal goals each week. He checks in with encouragement between sessions. In order to exhibit this kind of culture, the company must be well run.

I have also been impressed with the collaboration with other area businesses. BaerFit often hosts activities with more than one outside vendor helping to support through food, wine, nutrition, sports medicine instruction, etc. It is impressive the professional network this organization has built to support its clientele. I am proud to be a member of BaerFit and part of its family. I give it my highest recommendation for the Better Business Bureau Eclipse Integrity Award.

Mikki Clancy, CISA
Miami Valley Hospital Chief Operating Officer

"Charles and BAER Fit has been incredibly helpful to me. His Boot Camp classes have helped me get in shape and feel good about myself. The other thing I can say about Charles is he is personable and friendly. I am happy to say I can also call him a true friend.

Jeff Turner
Dayton, Ohio

"I have known Charles and BAER Fit and worked with them for over 5 years. When it comes to personal training and attention, there is no comparison to him and his staff. He is with you every step of the way, going above and beyond what other trainers have done. What sets him apart is not only his knowledge, but his passion. It is evidently clear this is not a job or a hobby, but he truly loves his work and helping others."

Matt Laughter
Dayton, Ohio

"Charles has been a great motivation and has taught me how important diet and exercise is in my life. He believes in his clients and pushes them to be the very best they can be and doesn't give up on them. Charles helps you to envision that final goal to work towards. I would recommend him to friends and family for personal training needs and encouragement to better their health."

Melissa Fallen
Dayton, Ohio