Our New Journey

So, it’s time we got started on this journey of health. I know there are hundreds of blogs, posts and articles on social media about the “RIGHT” way to be healthy. But this journey is going to be a little more personal. My beautiful wife, KimberleyG, and I are going to share what we really do, what we really have done and what we plan to do to keep our health and our happy life. We are going to share recipes, exercises, nutrition, lifestyle, faith, love, happiness, memories, dreams, friends, and our total lives. Do with it what you want. Our goal is to help others find their journey to a wonderful life. Now this part is very important! Please interact with us. Ask questions. Make statements. Disagree or agree. We are here to help you. To help each other. We don’t care about your color, race, nationality, religion, sexual preferences or politics. We can talk about all of that, but with no hate. Differences do not mean “HATRED”. It’s all part of our lifestyles, likes, dislikes, health and dreams.  

Later this week, we will share who we are. What we’ve done, believe, what we do now, and where we would like to be. If there are questions or subjects you would like to talk about, or discuss, please share. If you would like private, contact us at baerfit@gmail.com. Now let’s make this happen.

Blessings, love and health,

Charles & KimberleyG

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