Monthly Archives: April 2019

Nutrition Heals

Today let’s get started on nutrition, food, eating and cooking. Over the last 35-40 years over $50 billion of your tax payer dollars have been spent on steading nutrition. Yet we are overall, unhealthier today then we were 40 years ago. What we have truly learned is that money is to be made by creating […]

The Start of Health & Life

Let’s get started. We all say that we want good health. A happy life. A close loving family. A good income. And so much more. But did you ever think that’s all we do? We just want, we don’t do. I am guilty of this. I always wanted good health and a good life. I […]

Our New Journey

So, it’s time we got started on this journey of health. I know there are hundreds of blogs, posts and articles on social media about the “RIGHT” way to be healthy. But this journey is going to be a little more personal. My beautiful wife, KimberleyG, and I are going to share what we really […]