What’s in a Diet?

Popular diets have become increasingly controversial. More than 1500 diet books are now available, and a Google search of diets gives you 1,070,000,000 results, with many popular ones departing substantially from mainstream medical advice. Cover stories for major news magazines, televised debates, and cautionary statements by prominent medical authorities have fueled public concern regarding the effectiveness and safety of such diets.

Although some popular diets are based on long-standing medical advice and recommend restriction of portion sizes and calories (eg, Weight Watchers), a lot of alternatives have joined in. Some plans minimize carbohydrate intake without fat restriction (eg, Atkins diet, designed for hospital patients in the late 60’s), some minimize carbohydrate intake with high fats and protein intake (eg, Keto diet, a treatment option for epilepsy in children), many modulate macronutrient balance and glycemic load (eg, Zone diet), and others restrict fat (eg, Ornish diet). Given the growing obesity epidemic, many patients, clinicians, nutritionists, health coaches and trainers are interested in using these popular diets as personalized eating strategies for disease prevention. Unfortunately, data regarding the relative benefits, risks, effectiveness, and sustainability of popular diets have been limited. There have been no major studies to show whether any health benefits hold up for the long term or increase how long you live.

I was unable to find any LONG TERM published studies on the health benefits, in general, of any of the popular diets today. Yes, many of them gave substantial weight loss, but what happens to the HDL/LDL ratio, heart, skin, brain, kidneys, liver during long term use? Many, if not most of the diets popular today, were designed for medical conditions or athletes. In any case, when people lost weight as a side effect, the diets were latched onto by marketers, and pushed as weight loss diets, not health diets.

At a talk I gave I asked a group of ladies, “When was the last time you searched for any studies done on Cheerios?” (Report Finds Traces of a Controversial Herbicide in Cheerios and Quaker Oats). Never! But not only do you eat them, you feed them to your children. “When was the last time you looked up the published studies on the $30,000 plus car you drive?” (1,840,900 recalled cars,2018 and that was just the first 4 of 50 pages of recalled cars. Cars.com) Most don’t! But you trust driving in one with your family. We will do any diet, even though it’s just public opinion that makes the diet appear as a truth.

So how should most of us eat? Whole foods, grown in healthy soil, by farmers that inspect their crops, non-GMO, no pesticides, as God intended. (Genesis 1:29-31) Also any meat that you eat should be the same, grass fed, no hormones or growth drugs. (Genesis 9:3) Yes, we can eat meat. It has never been shown that a strictly vegan diet is healthier. But a vegan diet is also NOT wrong, neither is a diet with 10-25% meat calories. The important thing to remember is to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. They should be ¾ of your plate. And eat according to YOUR needs, likes and dislikes, medical condition, caloric amounts for desired weight, and one that you WILL follow.

Once you find a way that YOU WILL follow, start being more active. Exercise! Your body needs it. And if you really want great health include Juice Plus+. Yes, it is one of the MOST researched, published, double-blind studied, Gold Standard researched products today. (over 39 published studies from around the world.) So, while on your journey of better health, weight loss or just a better way of life, fill all those nutrition gaps with Juice Plus+. And even on a low carb, Keto, diet 2 berries, 2 fruit and 2 veggies a day are less than 3g of carbs and 2 Omegas a day are no carbs and 1.5g of good fats. And all 8 in a day are only 30 calories. Wow, all that healthy food with low carbs, healthy fats and 30 calories.

The bottom line is, do your research, learn how to be healthy, because it’s popular doesn’t make it right, eat all your fruits and veggies, get your omegas in and cover your bases with Juice Plus+.

Charles Baerman PhD, CFT, CSFN, CSET, CSSF, and I’m a pretty nice guy!
Owner BAER Fit

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