Monthly Archives: November 2018

What’s in a Diet?

Popular diets have become increasingly controversial. More than 1500 diet books are now available, and a Google search of diets gives you 1,070,000,000 results, with many popular ones departing substantially from mainstream medical advice. Cover stories for major news magazines, televised debates, and cautionary statements by prominent medical authorities have fueled public concern regarding the […]

But why am I not losing weight?

I’ve been on diet for a while now, but why am I not losing weight? Losing weight seems like an impossible challenge that you just can’t seem to beat. Truthfully, it’s not, we just give ourselves the idea that “I need to be on some special diet” or “run until my feet fall off”. Misconceptions […]

What Our American Diets Can Do

Immigrants arrive with flourishing gut microbes. Then America’s diet trashes them. In the United States, immigrants in the study ate foods richer in sugars, fats and protein. Microbiomes changed within months of moving. “People began to lose their native microbes almost immediately after arriving in the U.S.,” Dan Knights, a computational microbiologist at the University […]