Monthly Archives: December 2017

One Small Change and The New Year

Hi and Happy New Year from Charles & Kimberley Baerman, owners of BAER Fit. As you know, Kimberley and I are very much into health and we want to ask you what are you going to do this year for YOU and your health. The biggest resolution is to lose weight. Next is better health. […]

Christmas is NOT Stressful

I’ve been thinking a lot of what Christmas means to me. I feel what I need to do to get back to what this season really means. A lot of stress is caused by buying, wrapping sneaking and eating/drinking etc. etc. STRESS, now how in the world can I reduce this stress? Well this is […]

Out of Control!!!…..?

Did you EVER just have ONE OF THOSE days…weeks…months…years? Believe me, the more I work with different clients, the more I realize, EVERYONE has gone through that time in their life! And I want you to know, Linda Cook, CONTROL FREAK, does not deal with it well when it happens to ME! A few years […]