Monthly Archives: November 2017

Food, Activity and Calories

Know Your Daily Calorie Intake Now I don’t suggest that you spend every day counting your calories. That would drive you crazy. But you do need to know how much you are eating before you make changes. Track 3 days, then average the days, to give you a base line to start from. Most people […]

Your Baby Steps Continue

The Weight Loss Equation, Understand this first This is how it works. It’s simple and very basic. And you can’t fool mother nature! Weight Loss = Calories In – Calories Out Yes, there are many other things that can interfere with your weight loss, but we really do need to understand the basics. So if […]

Baby Steps…A Place to Start

There are NO cheat days, period! You want to succeed and cheat! It doesn’t happen. What a cheat day use to be called was “alternative days”. That means that say on the weekends you eat differently than during the week. Still whole foods, that you cook. So during the week you have your oatmeal, rice, […]

The Link Between Sugar and Depression

Are you feeling blue, tired and depressed? Well I’ve been saying a lot lately that Sugar Blues is a major problem. Men consuming over 67 grams of sugar per day were 23 percent more likely to develop anxiety or depression over the course of 5 years than those whose sugar consumption was less than 40 […]

Continued Healing Through Motion…

Baer Fit will fill the gap after physical or occupational therapy Do you Need Relief F A S T ? Accidents and illnesses occur. It’s not a matter of IF… but WHEN they do. Then your medical team is there to treat these emergencies or ongoing conditions with expedience, and to get you back to […]